We can help you by finding treatment solutions for a variety of patient health issues.


HPS Compounding can assist you with finding treatment solutions for a variety of animal patient health issues, including when:

  • A commercial medication or product is in short supply, out of stock, discontinued, or is recalled by the manufacturer;
  • There is no commercial product available;
  • A product may need to be flavoured to optimise therapy;
  • Assistance is needed in the management of complex patient care;
  • A customised dosage, strength, or form is required;
  • There is a sensitivity or allergy; or
  • Treating birds and exotics.

Tailored medications

We offer compounded products in a range of dosage forms and flavours to improve animal patient compliance and ensure ease of administration for veterinarians.

Our specific areas of expertise include:

Dosage Forms

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Discontinued Medications

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Interested in further information about our compounding offering?
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