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Frequently Asked Questions

What is compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of preparing customised medications. HPS’ compounded medications and chemotherapy products are manufactured for individual patients and aim to help treat a variety of conditions and symptoms often untreatable by commercially available medications.

When might you need HPS Compounding services?

  • When a commercial medication or product is in short supply or is out of stock;
  • When a commercial medication is recalled by the manufacturer;
  • When there is no commercial product available;
  • When a commercial product is discontinued;
  • When treating birds and exotics;
  • When a product may need to be flavoured to optimise therapy;
  • To assist in the management of complex patient care; or
  • When a customised dosage or strength is required.

What types of medications can HPS Compounding manufacture?

  • Capsules;
  • Creams, ointments, and gels;
  • Transdermal products;
  • Ophthalmic products;
  • Suppositories;
  • Powders; and
  • Flavoured suspensions and solutions.

How do I order a compounded product?

In accordance with AVA guidelines, HPS Compounding requires written instruction or a prescription before compounding medications. Veterinary practitioners may only prescribe a product for compounding that is sufficient quantity for a particular animal(s) to be treated.

Compounded products can be ordered via the HPS Compounding website. Scripts are to be faxed or emailed (details below), and the original prescription mailed to:

HPS Pharmacies – Alexander Avenue
Attention: HPS Compounding
29 Alexander Avenue
Ashford SA 5035
Fax: (08) 8375 3570
Email: compounding@hpspharmacies.com.au

What other services can HPS Pharmacies provide?

  • Access to commercial medication;
  • Cytotoxic and sterile preparations; and
  • Training and specialist advice.

How quickly are orders processed?

Standard delivery is 24-48 hours from receipt of the prescription at the pharmacy. Please allow an additional 24 hours for freight to your clinic if it is located outside of the Adelaide metropolitan area. If an order is urgent, please provide details of the patient appointment and requirements to assist us in prioritising your order.

What are your quality assurance guidelines?

HPS Compounding operates in consideration of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and SHPA practice standards. These standards outline the principles and procedures that must be maintained to ensure all products are manufactured safely and are consistently of the same high quality.

A robust internal Quality Improvement and Compliance framework regulate the HPS Approved Pharmacy facility in Ashford and ensures products are prepared in accordance with best practice.

Furthermore, our cleanroom is regularly monitored and the sterility condition verified and validated via a series of microbial tests according to GMP principles, Annex 1, ISO 14644 standards, and USP <797> principles.

Can’t find an answer to your query?

Please contact HPS Compounding if you would like to speak with a pharmacist or our Business Development team.